101 in 1001

Below is my list of 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days. You can read more about the original project here, but here is a quick summary of how it works:

  • Pre-set 101 tasks/goals that you want to accomplish. Each item must be measurable, so that it is easy to tell if it has been completed or not.
  • Why 1001 days? It gives you several season to complete goals – longer than 1 year, but not too long so that tasks are unnoticed. It also allows for planning ahead for long-term goals, such as overseas trips or researching grad school, etc.

I was personally inspired to make my list by one of my closest college friends. As I embark on the adventures and attempt to fulfill all of my 101 goals by November 5, 2013, I plan to blog about it all here. Enjoy!


Goal not yet started // Goal in progress //Goal completed


See The World

  1. Renew passport (if not expired)
  2. Re-apply for Indian visa
  3. Attend a tennis tournament
  4. Take one spontaneous weekend trip within California
  5. Attend one college sporting event
  6. Go on an overnight cruise
  7. Plan an international trip
  8. Spend a day at a beach in California
  9. Spend at least a day at a beach outside of California

Reading, Writing, and Languages

  1. Get a library card
  2. Read 1 book per month until 1001 days are over [1/32]
  3. Blog at least once a week for the next year [4/52]
  4. Publish at least one article in a newspaper (could also be in an online journal)
  5. Learn enough  Hindi to understand a Bollywood movie without subtitles
  6. Learn (or re-learn) enough Spanish to carry on at least 1 solid conversation with a native speaker
  7. Brush up on my Telugu

Musical Wanderings

  1. Learn to re-read music
  2. Be able to sight-read at least one moderately-difficult piece of classical music
  3. Buy a piano
  4. Re-memorize *Fur Elise*
  5. Learn (or re-learn) at least one classical music piece besides *Fur Elise*
  6. Learn (or re-learn) at least one accompaniment music piece
  7. Expand my vocal range from 2 octaves to 3-4 octaves
  8. Attend a music concert at a large Bay Area venue

Arts & Crafts

  1. Learn how to sew
  2. Sew at least one button onto an article of clothing for myself or someone else (Dependent on above goal)
  3. Make at least one decoration for my apartment that involves sewing-type skills


  1. Create a food budget
  2. Learn the difference between stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
  3. Learn the difference between various IRAs and 401Ks
  4. Learn about the major stock markets (NYSE, NASDAQ, etc.) and the general differences between them
  5. Learn about CDs and Money Markets and invest some money in at least one of them
  6. Upgrade my US Bank account to the level where direct deposits are accepted (completed 02.08.2011)
  7. Cancel my (still virtually unused) US Bank credit card (completed 02.08.2011)
  8. Invest in at least one stock, bond, or mutual fund for at least 1 year
  9. Budget enough money for one international trip

Career Development

  1. Update my resume and/or references every 4 months [1/10]
  2. Research graduate school plans (MBA, MS Education, etc.)
  3. Re-take the GMAT (and score a 700  or higher)
  4. Read 1 book about management in software firms
  5. Read 1 book about how business works
  6. Attend at least 1 conference
  7. Solve at least two riddles per week for 3 months to build my analytical skills [0/30]
  8. Review at least one data structure, sorting algorithm, or design pattern per week for 4 months [0/16]
  9. Finish uploading my resume on StackOverflow careers

Linking In

  1. Meet or re-connect with at least two new women in computing outside of work [2/2](completed 03.07.2011)
  2. Become an active member in at least one Meetup group
  3. Connect with at least 3 new professional contacts on LinkedIn [3/3](completed 03.12.2011)
  4. Re-connect with at least 1 high school friend
  5. Re-connect with a fellow GT Alumni
  6. Send at least 5 snail-mail letters (besides holidays and birthday cards) to relatives in India or Mailfriends around the world each year [0/15]


  1. Move my contacts from Hotmail to Gmail
  2. Move my contacts from Yahoo! to Gmail
  3. Delete my old Hotmail account
  4. Delete my Yahoo! account
  5. Delete my GT Gmail and make sure GT email points to current Gmail
  6. Delete outdated/unused online account memberships
  7. Remove myself from mailing lists that are not applicable anymore
  8. Attempt to delete unused AIM accounts (depends on AIM policies)
  9. Learn to effectively use my Android phone as a planner
  10. Upload my GT portfolio to my website
  11. Enhance my website so that the portfolio is more appealing
  12. Research/learn how to convert tapes into some sort of digital format

Around the Kitchen

  1. Learn to make a margarita at home
  2. Learn to make a daiquiri at home
  3. Learn to make mango ice cream and write the recipe in a recipe book
  4. Write all loose recipes from my refrigerator into a recipe book
  5. Add at least 1 new Indian recipe every 6 months to the recipe book from above point

Health is Wealth

  1. Do not drink soda for 90 days [0/90]
  2. Learn to make a tasty, yet healthy, salad
  3. Do not drink coffee for 30 days [0/30]
  4. Bring lunch to work 4 days a week for 2 consecutive months
  5. Get my eyes checked at least once a year [0/3]
  6. Be able to run a 5k without stopping or walking in the middle
  7. Buy a jump rope and use it at least 3 times per week for at least 2 months [0/24]
  8. Become First-Aid certified
  9. Become CPR certified

Environment & Surroundings

  1. Set up some sort of recycling system in my apartment
  2. Grow at least one plant in a pot for 6 months
  3. Buy a new lawn chair that I can take with me in the gorgeous California weather
  4. Pack an emergency earthquake/fire bag
  5. Put an emergency kit in the car
  6. Get the car washed once every 6 months for the duration of 1001 days [1/6]
  7. Plan an escape route in case of emergency


  1. Donate $100 throughout the year towards charitable cause [$20 to Komen Race on 2.26.2011, $20 to Cure for Diabetes on 3.12.2011]
  2. Drop off at least one bag of clothes or shoes each year at Salvation Army [0/3]
  3. Volunteer at a local nursing home/special education school/soup kitchen for one afternoon
  4. Participate in at least 1 good cause that includes an exercise (i.e. Komen Race for the Cure)
  5. Donate at least 3 books to the local library each year [0/3]
  6. Make a donation to my mother’s school at least once a year

Live, Laugh, Love

  1. Plan a surprise date
  2. Go on a double-date
  3. Make at least one person smile every day for 30 consecutive days [0/30]
  4. Send one of my family members a “thinking of you” package
  5. Plan a surprise date for my parents
  6. Do something special for my sister on a day that is not a holiday or her birthday
  7. Go for a walk in the park (in the dark) as a date
  8. Add at least two semi-formal dresses to my collection for special occasions
  9. Drive down the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway (Route 1)
  10. Pray and light the deepam every day for the duration of 1,001 days [33/1001]
  11. Make another 101 in 1001 list