Introduction To Robotics

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We had our first actual meeting as a group today. Earlier in the day, Brittany and I decided that we would research the following (This is courtesy of Alan Wags, our mentor for writing this):

Develop Actor Scripts for Human-Robot Relationship Evaluation

In order to examine the theoretical underpinnings of a human-robot relationship development, it will be necessary to generate methods and metrics for quantifying the success of one approach over another. One possible method for comparing relationship development techniques is to evaluate the robot?s ability to judge its partner?s interactive ?type.? Type here refers to the type of relationship presented by the partner. Thus an enemy would act in a hostile manner, a competitor might act in an aggressive manner, and a cooperative partner would act in a facilitative manner. This task involves discerning several actions that characterize a relationship type. The scholar in this case would conduct surveys and present questionnaires to individuals to develop an actor script that could then be used to ?present? a specific relationship type to the robot for characterization.

After discussing the topic a little bit, Alan gave us both some background reading to be done. The first packet is just a general overview of robotics and intelligence. The second packet is about social interaction, and the last packet is about interactions relationships. Although it is a lot of background reading, it all looks very interesting (and gets progressively more detailed). So, I guess I better start reading? I?m really looking forward to a great, fun year of research!