Back Again

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This past Tuesday, we finally met again! With finals, winter break, and now the new semester starting, we, finally, found some time to all meet and go over a general schedule for this semester. In January, we’ll try to finish designing the experiment and hopefully be able to come up with social-situation questions (i.e. Prisoner’s Dilemma, Investor-Trustee Dilemma, etc.) and word them properly. In February, we can administer these questions (they will probably be in the form of a survey), and then in March, start to analyze the results and wrap up research for this year. This year’s study will probably be more like a pilot study. But, for the fall and next year, we are going to see if we can generalize the research a lot bigger and grow on this research. So, this weekend, we should be looking at some possible questions and discussing them until Tuesday.