North Atlanta

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It has been quite a while, and in all of that time, Start To Finish has really progressed! About 2-3 weeks ago, three of us together, along with a representative from the College Of Computing, went to North Atlanta High School (which is about 10 minutes drive from Georgia Tech). We were at the meeting for about 2 hours or so and met a lot of different people. It looks like there are a lot of students lined up for this program, in the school. Now that we have an established school, we are trying to recruit more people to be mentors. There is actually an information session on February 20th in the Student Center. Once we get 10 mentors in the program, we can call Start To Finish officially a club. After the info session, there will be a training session for the mentors on February 22nd, and very soon after that, the program will start officially! In the meantime, time to get things off the ground some more! =)