Preparation of Surveys

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For the past two weeks, we have been trying to come up with situations that will be suitable for each type of social relationship type. After two weeks, we have come up with 16 different situations, and there are 10 different relationship types. Last week, we finished coming up with rough drafts of the questions for the survey. This week and next week, we will be reviewing & editing the questions to make sure that they are phrased properly. After that, we will be distributing the surveys to a random population (within our university). After that, we will gather the results and analyze the data. We will draw our conclusions and tie up everything together. That seems to pretty much take us to the end of this academic year of research. Next year, we will try to make our pilot study into a full-blown study with a bigger population sample, along with a more random sample as well. In the meantime, though, here are the different personas that are going to be tested:

– altruist

– ascetic

– competitor

– cooperator

– egoist

– fair

– malevolent

– risk-averse

– risk-seeking

– vengeful

In another week, we should have a final set of surveys ready to hand out to people. So exciting! =)