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Imagine this: You are in Barcelona for the summer taking classes, although it feels like a vacation. After 3 weeks of class, you get TEN DAYS OFF- to go wherever you want, to do whatever you want, with practically no homework! If you want to talk about Cloud Nine, that is what I call Heaven. :)

Well, I took the opportunity to go visit Munich, Germany and Paris, France. Munich was great- very much technology-saavy and reminded me a lot of the US. The only downside was the lack of vegetarian food. There was, however, a lot to do there: the BMW museum, Olympic park (1972 Olympics took place there), and the Science Museum! We took a day to also see Neuschwanstein castle – the castle that the Disney World castle is modeled after: talk about super-cool!

The other half of my break was spent in Paris. I had been to Paris before, for a few days, with my family in 2005. So, I took this opportunity to do something that I will probably not get a chance to do ever again: I WENT TO THE FRENCH OPEN! Not only that, I got tickets and saw the FRENCH OPEN WOMEN’S FINAL! LIVE!!! It was the most amazing thing ever. For those of you that know how much I love tennis and how passionate I am about it, it was truly a dream come true for me. Oh yeah, and I just missed seeing Federer, but I did see John McEnroe, who is another tennis great and one of my dad’s favorites! Talk about an amazing trip!

So now, I am back in Barcelona, but it still feels like I am in heaven, and it is a great feeling. I hope the next 6 weeks go by as slow as possible, so I can enjoy these moments.