You Know You Are Telugu If…

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I love being Telugu, and I just thought this is really funny! :)

You know you are Telugu if…

1) Someone in your family’s name is Srinivas.

2) You refer to a Tollywood actor as “mega star”.

3) Your grandparent reads Eenadu every morning while blasting the supra batham and drinking chai.

4) Your mom calls your father “yemandi.”

5) The only channels that are on at your house are Teja, Gemini, and ETV.

6) Your name includes Rao, Reddy or ends in neni, pudi, pati, or ganti.

7) You’re somehow related to at least 15 other people at this conference (TANA).

8) When referring to your career, you are either “in” computers or medicine.

9) You add “oo” or “lu” to the end of every other word.

10) Everything you eat is some “kaaya” and your mom can make a pachidi out of pretty much anything.

–You’ve gotta love being Telugu!! :)