Going Home

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Why is it that every time I have a PSYC test I post? It’s the weirdest thing! It must be just lack of motivation for studying for that class, since I am doing pretty well in there. Nevertheless, I am going to start a hardcore study session sometime really soon. I have to get up at 8AM to proctor a final anyway, though… it looks like I’ll have a nice 3-hour nap before the PSYC final.

I was having lunch with Karito today, and she told me about Dr. Seuss’ book “Oh! The Places You’ll Go”. I have to read it now. I just read some of the poem, and it is so inspirational.

This time tomorrow, I’ll be at a birthday dinner, or back here packing to go home. I cannot wait! Oh, the places I’ll be… (in about a day’s time)