Wherever You Will Go

· by Sweta · Read in about 2 min · (287 Words)

Freedom. There is nothing like it.

As we returned from a birthday dinner, I was just sitting in the car, wishing that every week, I could just have one night off. It would make such a big difference, and it would really help to cope with all of the workload and stress too. After all, everybody needs a break sometimes. I managed my time pretty well this semester, and I did occasionally get that good night’s sleep.

Today, however, I walked out of my last final of the semester, and I could not stop smiling and laughing. Despite the fact that I am on approximately a grand total of 6 hours of sleep over the past 2 nights, I could not be a happier girl. The feelings of relief, just being able to let out that huge sigh, are just inexplicable: you can only feel them for yourself. However, because of the busy load throughout the semester, it still did not fully sink in for me… until after dinner.

As I was returning from the birthday dinner, the emotions finally kicked in, as we were all listening to music in the car. I heard The Calling’s “Wherever You Will Go,” and I just had an overwhelming feeling of astonishment, amazement, and freedom. I felt so carefree, as I sung the lyrics. If only I could have such a feeling every day. But alas, as? es la vida a GT. So, instead, I will just see what the next 3 weeks have in store for me. I am really excited… there are so many different activities going on, and the holiday season always makes things that much more lively. I best go explore it before time runs out!