Life Is Good

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Yesterday was such an amazing day! I spent the morning uploading my resume to various company sites. I would love to work at Google and I would take the job without a single doubt, but I also know it is very tough to get in, so I have to keep realistic expectations. So, I also applied to Microsoft and Expedia. Plus, I sent my resume to a few local companies: ATechs and Pardot, where Brian works.

Brian’s boss, whose name is Adam, looked really closely at my resume, and he said that he would love to interview me and that he was really impressed by my resume! I am really excited. I am thinking that, if I get an offer from them and I do not get Google, I will go with Pardot. They are working on web development, and I will be coding in PHP and MySQL, and that is my favorite type of coding to do! Plus, they have a TENNIS TEAM! :) How exciting is that?!? :) I still have to upload resumes to Harris Corp and, but overall, I am really excited, and I am ready for a professional internship this summer, where I can apply and learn some more skills. Bring it on! :)