Max Relax

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I love vacation!! I think that pretty much sums up most of what I wanted to say. Dallas has been really nice and relaxing… today, we are going to see the Kennedy Assassination site, as well as the Dallas Museum of Art. Tomorrow, we are heading over to Austin. I cannot *wait* to see UT-Austin and the caves!!! One of these days, I will have to organize all of the pictures on my laptop, and then, you can see why I love these places too!

On the other hand, I am looking forward to being busy and having classes and teaching and researching again. I am really happy, because all of the students that I have talked to and that have worked really hard in 2110 are all going to be in 2200… I’m so happy they all got through 2110 with good grades!! :) Anyway, that’s about it for now. I will try to write sometime in Austin again. Hasta luego!