First Round

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It is really amazing what a few weeks can do. Wow. Classes this semester seem very promising and exciting, though, like always! :) I love all of my CS courses. I am also really excited to see most of my 2110 students from last semester in some of my classes this semester. It feels kind of weird sitting on the same side of the classroom as them, but I am *so* happy to see them get past one of the toughest courses at GT. Anyway, I am just taking a quick study break. I am feeling OK for tomorrow’s interview: studying at home really helped quite a bit, especially since I just have to review a few more things. The way I see it: I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I will just try my best, like I do for everything else, and I will hopefully get to the second round, but for now, let me just get past the first!