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Although today was a fairly easy day, tomorrow is chalked full of classes. I am really looking forward to this semester’s CS courses. I am also looking forward to seeing some of my closest friends again… it promises to be a great day! :) The last two days have really been busy: I have been cleaning up the dorm room and studying for my phone interview with Google on Wednesday. Daddy spent about 2 hours with me on Saturday helping me prepare for both sets of interviews (Google and Pardot, which is on Friday). I have been, however, very very homesick lately. I really miss Soumya, Amma, and Daddy. No matter what I do, I keep on thinking of them. I hope that I will become really busy soon enough so that the homesickness will go away. Well, at least there are only a few more weeks until March. Until then, I will carry on with the usual routine.