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Today’s interview was absolutely amazing!! I loved Pardot and I hope that I can work there this summer, if I do not get the job at Google. There is a lot to learn on the job, and I hope I can give back. It turns out that the databases project I did last semester will come in extremely useful, if I work there. The same MVC model is used, and since I already know MySQL and PHP, it should hopefully be a bit easier to learn the framework. Of course, this is assuming that I get an offer, but I absolutely loved the place!

As an aside, I’m really enjoying all of my classes, and I cannot wait to teach my first recitation of the semester with Rob on Monday! I am also starting research this coming week, so everything is falling into place perfectly. Plus, I have caught up with all of my friends, of all cultures, and it feels great… hopefully, I can keep this up for the rest of the semester, because so far, life is good!