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After all of the traveling that I did over the winter break, it was a great feeling to come back home. Unfortunately, I was only there for another 5 days or so before I had to come back to university. It was really such a quick break, and I keep on wishing I could have spent more time at home. This past Friday, I was just doing some things in my dorm room, and I really missed Friday night family time. So, I spent Saturday afternoon/evening and slept over at Emily’s house, and I cannot even tell you what an amazing time that I had. Her house is absolutely amazing, and I love her family too!! :) I just wish I could have met her parents, but I hope that will happen a different day. Since I was feeling so homesick too, it was great to go to a place that felt so much like home. It was also tons of fun catching up with Emily, especially since I have not had a chance to talk to her that much over the past few months. I will miss her a lot when she is in Hong Kong, but I know she will be really happy and having the time of her life. Besides, there is always Skype for a reason! :) I have to say that Saturday was one of the best days and beginnings to my semester, and I hope I can catch up with more people like that. Anyway, it is time to hit the books now, and I feel really motivated to study, because I just feel like I went home and came back… fully refreshed. Emily– If you ever read this, I cannot say thanks enough for an amazing time: you truly are a great friend and I will cherish that friendship forever.