My First Job Offer!!

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It is (almost) official! I have my very first CS-related job offer for an internship this summer at Pardot. I am incredibly excited and so happy! I found out today at around 4:45, and it totally just made my day. Checking email today has been really good: there has been nothing but good news! I got another interview offer too, from another local start-up, called ATechs. This will take place at 4PM on Thursday, and I am excited to see the type of work that they do, as well. I also got a few more scholarship applications (Google and Microsoft), and moreover, I even received an invitation to a job fair in Atlanta on MLK Day.

It looks like summer is going to be a very exciting time!!! Although, I have to say that I really do love Pardot… it felt absolutely amazing to be there, and even though the learning curve is steep, I cannot wait to begin learning and finally applying all of my skills, if I end up working for them this summer!! :)

Click on their logo to go to the website and check out more about Pardot! :)

Pardot Logo

There was a snow day back at home today… oh how I miss the snow days here: just an unexpected day off from GT here or there would be quite nice. In other news, the Australian Open started today. Go Federer: you are my man!!