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Can you believe it?? I come down here for warm weather, and the snow is just following me around everywhere I go! But anyway, it’s really nice, expect that the town went crazy… I don’t think they have the equipment to deal with snow down here. It is still really cool, though… unexpected surprise.

Speaking of unexpected surprises, I was walking back from recitation today, when I got off the phone. Then, there was this guy next to me, and it was just snowing and crazy-cold outside, and I was shivering and just talking to myself saying, “It’s colder than New Hampshire down here.” And he just started randomly talking to me, and we had such a great conversation, and it was completely random! I totally loved it! :) Anyway, it was just really cool and completely random and pointless conversation, but it was one of the best ones I have had. Talk about good surprises.