Snow and Tennis

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It is snowing yet again here in Atlanta, and this time, the snow is sticking! I cannot believe it: twice in four days? Wow! Last night, I went to a murder mystery dinner, and it was really funny and tons of fun! Then, I went to see “Cloverfield”… I did not think it was that great of a movie… it was more of a thriller than a horror movie. I came back, and I was thinking “Well, Federer must have won his match by now.” Little did I know that he had already lost the first set and he (thankfully) took the second in a tiebreak. Anyway, I left the radio on all night, and Federer finally won it 10-8. I cannot believe that I missed such amazing tennis! Now, I just woke up (around noon), and it’s 4AM in Melbourne, and Hewitt vs. Baghdatis is still going on (4.5 hours). I cannot wait to see what is coming up next week for matches… I have to finish all of my work this weekend and get through the second round of Google interviews so that I can watch this! Yay for snow… and for tennis!!! :)