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Go Patriots!! They just won vs. San Diego Chargers (21-12), and they will try for a 19-0 perfect season at the Super Bowl on February 3rd. I am so excited! I also just found out that GT gets a TENNIS CHANNEL! That means I can watch Federer’s match tonight. Yay! :) The 16-hour difference between here and Australia is killing me, because that means I cannot watch any of the Australian Open matches live. But this one will work out. I have not watched an ounce of live tennis (only highlights here and there), so I am really excited. Plus, this will give me time to study for the Google interview. But I am so excited that both the Patriots and Federer have a good chance of winning their ultimate prizes (SuperBowl/ AO: Grand Slam #13 for Federer… one less than Sampras’ all-time record!!)!! Yay for being undefeated: Rock on!