Out Of A Movie

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“Being in Barcelona was just like a scene out of a movie… it was absolutely perfect.”

Today was just full of reminiscing, as I kept the window open on a gorgeous day. Moreover, the sounds, breeze, everything… I felt like I was back in Residenc?a Onix again.

Today was mostly-homework filled: Congratulations Djokovic–> first slam title at age 20, and he played a wonderful match! Also, I definitely made a new friend, and I pretty much spent all weekend, when I was not studying, talking with him, and he is totally the best… we have such fun conversations and tons of story-telling. Oh, and I get to play CRICKET on Friday with him! I am so excited and I cannot wait! And we just spent like 2 hours (about 30 minutes of that outside of Harris) talking, and I felt like I was back in Barcelona, when we were outside. What a reality… just like a perfect dream!!