Super Tuesday

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It is again at that time of semester when the first set of exams are rolling around. Next week, I have a grand total of 4 exams: 3 on 1 day! Well, 2 to take and 1 to proctor, but still, that means grading party afterwards, probably. Also, the deadlines for the first milestones of certain projects are coming up very soon too. I think I will start blogging about all of my projects.

Also, I have accepted the offer from Hannonhill, and I am officially employed for summer. I cannot wait to start developing code, and I am looking forward to a really fun-filled learning experience this summer! In other news, today is Super Tuesday: Obama is the projected winner (yay!), and I am really excited and hope that this happens, but we will see, since the results are still rolling on.

I have a long night of reading ahead, but at least it is all mostly interesting. Anyway, that is about it for now. I am going to keep pushing on through this Super Tuesday! :) Buenas noches!