New Theme

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It is getting to be really busy these days: I have 4 tests within the span of a week coming up, so please do not expect any updates anytime soon. Moreover, my students also have a test on Tuesday (the day I have 2 of my tests).

However, I have been spending a lot of time contemplating many different things. I really cannot wait for summer: I am so excited about starting my internship! I had lunch with a co-worker/friend, and he told me a lot about the development that he does, and I cannot wait to be working on the product: in my favorite languages too!

I have also activated a new theme for this blog: I love it! I definitely need to do all of the customization over again, but I think I will mostly keep it this way.

Stay tuned for more updates: I hope I get through the tests okay, and for anybody else that has them as well, best of luck!