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I cannot believe it is already 7:15 on Sunday night. Weekends these days just seem to be flying by. I guess having the whole-day-Saturday meetings for software engineering really kills a lot of my weekend. On the other hand, it is nice having such an awesome team that evenly divides the work. I also like that I can count on my other team members to do their 25%. Also, our project is really exciting too! :) But anyway, today, I have basically been in this building, in this room, in this chair since about 10:30AM, with only 2 or 3 breaks. It has been a really productive day, and I think that I feel pretty prepared for one of my 2 Tuesday exams. We will see what the rest of the night has in store, but I can say one thing: being productive has really calmed me down and has given me a really good feeling. Hopefully, I can say the same for tomorrow night.

Okay, break time is over for now. More later. Until then… Salaam Namaste! :)