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Some games are just worth watching. Today’s college ball game was one of them. With less than 1 minute left, a 3-point shot was made, and then, within the last 1.9 seconds, we also scored a 3-point shot. But then, even though a foul should have been called and we could have tied the game, the referees didn’t call the foul!

But similar to the Superbowl, the game was lots of fun and really great to watch. It also made me realize how important it is to have time for sports and entertainment. As I watched the game, I kept thinking about how badly I really wanted to play tennis again. Coincidentally enough, I came back to my dorm, and I was just about ask someone to play tennis, and he had asked me already. Anyway, that is about all going on for now. The bottom line: basketball is awesome and all sports are amazing and everybody should totally try different sports, because they are all really exciting and tons of fun!