La noche es magical

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El momente es ideal.

After weeks and weeks of constant schoolwork, I finally get some time off! I am really happy and excited about the fact that I get a few hours this weekend to regroup, after a really hectic time period.

Last night was SalsamorII, and it was tons of fun! I learned how to salsa. It is such a powerful dance; its variety just makes it so exciting. I was also really happy that I got to dance with lots of different people, including the instructor himself (who happens to be a student in the course I TA… coincidence :) )! Tomorrow (or rather, later today), I’m going to a basketball game, after a very long time… I haven’t been to one in 2 years!

Valentine’s Day was absolutely amazing. First and foremost, I received a single red rose, and it was from one of my good friends. Then, I went off to classes and it was just relaxing. I ended up watching LOST, and when I got back, there was a cute, homemade cake waiting for me, made by my really really really awesome friend. He is also one of the people that I went to the salsa with yesterday. He’s amazing at salsa, and he’s in the lesson. I wish I took it with him… it would have been amazing and perfect, just like him. :)

The thing I love about dance is that it is so full of emotion. Moreover, even if you have never danced before, just by the way someone dances, you can tell a lot about their personality. Plus, there is always the feeling that nothing can go wrong, if you are dancing with the right person. The smile that is on your face will never wipe off during the dance, and as the instructor told me: “It is never the girl’s fault: it is always the boy’s.”… Now that I like lots! ;)

So, to sum it all up, it was a very magical night (“la noche es magical”)… baila baila casanova!