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That has been the topic of this past 10 days. I do not understand how some people cannot understand that. At college, and beyond, life is what you make of it, and what you make of it is determined by your priorities. It is important to make sure of your priorities. And sometimes, you might think that you know your priorities, but then, you really have completely different ones. This is not bad when you are independent, but when you are working with other people and they are trying to help you, you should not really blow them off: doing that proves that your mind is not really where you claim it is, and it says a lot about your personality sometimes too.

On top of that, the first deliverable was due, and our software engineering professor is probably the most evil person in the world right now. He told us that he didn’t even want us to submit the code that was due, and that it was all for the demo next week! Can you imagine?!? Pulling an almost all-nighter for that! So, after that, my week has been pretty much shot, because it has been just trying to catch up on sleep and other things. I really cannot afford to fall behind, but with all of the appointments, it seems to be happening, but I’m determined not to let it happen.

Also, my optimism seems to have disappeared again these days: it should be back really soon, though. Without that optimism, life seems insurmountable to me. On a good note, I have started talking to new people, and I love meeting new people. Different perspectives are lots of fun to soak in, and new friends are always good. :) Anyway, I started this blog post about 1.5 hours ago, and I didn’t realize how late it was, so I best get to bed. Buenas noches!