Mafia Night!

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What a week it has been! What I thought would be a mostly-laid back week (which is just a few homeworks due… at GT, anyway) turned out to be a crazy up-and-down week. But, I am glad that it ended on an amazingly high note. The SAB at the College of Computing held a MAFIA night. While I highly anticipated it and thought it would be a great stress reliever, it turned out to completely exceed my expectations. I cannot wait to see all of the pictures!! :) The ones I took are below: I can’t wait until the SAB President puts up all of them! I hope there are more fun events like that: I hope to see more people too!! :)

Mafia Night Spring 2008

Anyway, only 5 days until Spring Break: I cannot wait! It will be a much-needed break, and 10 days without classes will be heavenly, so that I can catch up on everything that I need to. Yay! :) More to come, hopefully sooner than later… :)