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It has been quite a busy 2 days. However, lots of good things have come out of it! Having a break from school is so refreshing. It really increases your productivity level a lot, when you are well-rested, pay attention in classes, and actually have energy to keep on going. Also, most of my assignments got pushed to next week, so I am happy that I have a week to kind of settle in. Plus, this week is CoCaesar’s Palace, so I’m glad that I can now focus my attention on one of my most favorite events of the year! Plus, I have this week to catch up on work and reading, and then, I can solely study next week. Note of advice: never read the night before a test- focus on studying (practice tests, working example problems, etc.). I always hate reading the night before a test, because then you won’t have enough time to practice the applications, which are really important. Anyway, that is about it for now: I probably will not blog again till after CoCaesar’s, but everybody needs to come out! It is going to be amazing! In the meantime… oyasuminasai (“good night” in Japanese)!