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Having support from family and friends is the most amazing thing in the world. Starting from Monday night, it has just been an amazing! First, I have been really on top of most things academically… although I am not feeling all that prepared for the test on Friday. On top of that, all of my students seem to be doing well in the course I TA, so it is pretty awesome! :) On top of all of that, my friend told me that this (CoC Home Page -> Features -> Students) is probably one of the better things that has happened to him in a while. How sweet! :)

This weekend is really packed with fun, with family visiting town and Relay For Life. It is going to be a blast: although I do have a ton of work to do. I don’t know when I am going to finish all of my work, but it will all work itself out, I think.

Anyway, all of that aside, I was thinking the other day that, regardless of what happens, friends and family are amazing! Without their support, it might sometimes be impossible to get through college. Or sometimes, when things to wrong, it is great to know that they really do have your back. And through the last 3 years, I have definitely found out who I can count on and who I cannot, who are my good friends and who are not, who I can just get one hug from and the whole day will be better. In the course of 3 years, I have met new people, who continue to make my days worthwhile, and a few of my very first friends at GT remain close to heart. And of course, there has never been a day when I call home and get off the phone in a bad mood, no matter where I am in the world: my family’s support is absolutely the best in the world! Anyway, this support has really helped me get through seemingly-unsurmountable times. So, I just wanted to say (because sometimes we all get caught up in work and forget)… thanks to all of those people: you know who you are! :)