In That Moment

· by Sweta · Read in about 2 min · (393 Words)

I’ll play if you play,” he said to her. “Of course I will play,” she responded. Two hours later, he came up behind her, startling her. And yet, there was something that made her not pull away… something that made her lean back into him. In that moment, it would have seemed perfect.

If I didn’t have… I would sweep you up,” he said to her. She smiled inside, thinking to herself, “Well, maybe you should put down the camera and do just that.” In that moment, it would have seemed perfect.

Sitting on the couch, side by side, just talking about everything and anything. “I wish I could… right now,” she thought to herself. He had the same thought too. In that moment, it would have seemed perfect.

There was a sea of people surrounding her, but all she could see was him: he was all she could feel. It started to become a little more quiet. The lyrics, the tune… in that moment, it would have seemed perfect.

He needs to know. I need to tell him,” she told herself. “But I can’t. I cannot bring myself to do it. What will he say? He’ll not want to be friends after this.” His cryptic thoughts left her in doubt. She talked endlessly about her life, going on and on about school, activities, and grades. He was silently and attentively listening. Both were thinking about each other and kept tiptoeing around the topic. Finally, she mustered the courage and told him. He admitted it too. The silence lingered for a few minutes. Neither one talked, but they both knew it. In those moments, everything would have seemed perfect.

He walked her all the way back. She thought about it, “Should I kiss him? I need to know. I really need to know. I really want to know.” They talked another 40 minutes before he left. She hugged him numerous times, but she never did kiss him. But in that moment… maybe everything would have seemed perfect?

Hopefully, there will be more moments in the future, because that is the only way to know. Hopefully, he feels the same way too.

Amazing. Funny. Sweet. Kind. Caring. Loving. Diligent. Perfect. She still hasn’t given up. Maybe she never will. One thing is for sure, though:

In those moments, it would have all been perfect.