JavaOne: D?a 2

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We are back again for another fun-filled day of learning at JavaOne! :D

The talks today were pretty awesome too, but my favorite ones were Asynchronous Ajax for Revolutionary Web Applications and What?s New in Ajax. Anyway, this will be a short post, because it’s been a busy day. Also, we spent a lot of time in the Pavilion area, just browsing all of the different companies (and of course, like all of the developers there, trying to get our fair share of free stuff). Also, Oracle gave away tickets to see Iron Man, and since we got some, we are off to there! Woohoo! :)

Also, there was a tour today, supposedly led by James Gosling. It was an extremely disappointing tour for many reasons:

  • It took us about 20 minutes for us to chase down the tour and catch up with them (they left 5 minutes after the last session ended), and none of the event staff knew the tour route.
  • When we finally did catch up to the tour, we were hoping to meet other students that were also enthusiastic about learning, and they totally were not at ALL. Plus, there were high school students there, and I thought this was a college-students-only program (not that I have anything against high school students).
  • James Gosling really didn’t do much of a “tour”, and he wasn’t very interested at all. He kind of went off about less than 5 minutes after we got there.

As much as I love the JavaOne conference and the speakers, general sessions, etc., I feel that the Student Program was not at all properly organized. The courses that were offered ran right through a block of really good sessions (like Joshua Bloch’s talk). Plus, I saw a grand total of another 9 students there: I didn’t see any more of them anywhere, so I wonder where they all went? It would be cool to organize a social event after-hours just for students (like an ice-cream social or something) one night, so we can all just get together and talk (we missed Monday’s reception, but one of the other students told us only 5 students were there anyway…). Anyway, these are just thoughts for next year if anybody from Sun ends up reading this… :)

Anyway, tomorrow might be a day of sight-seeing, but we’ll see… more later! And, of course, one picture to close out the day today from one of the better talks! :)

Asynchronous Ajax Talk