Let’s Go Mobile!

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Today has really been just a day of exploring around San Francisco. We visited the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as the Fisherman’s Wharf (which is way too hyped up). I also realized that I really miss a good public transportation system, which is something that Barcelona had. Going around San Francisco also made me realize how much I missed traveling. Anyway, below is a picture of the bridge.


Also, I think the title behind this post is a funny one. We were at the conference for lunch today, and some conference workers came around and threw little pom-poms on the table, which had cute messages attached to them, including “I Love To Swing” (get it? :D) and “Let’s Go Mobile”, which was also used as a pick-up line on my friend! Anyway, it’s an amusing story, I thought.

To round out a very fun day, we went to the Smashmouth concert, thanks bunches to Sun for that, and it was awesome (I was in the first row in the center!!), as you can see from this picture! :)

Smashmouth Up Front

Tomorrow will be our last day in California: it was a long conference, but totally worth it! I cannot wait for work on Monday!! :)