First Day

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Today was my first day at work, and it was totally awesome! :) I got in around 9:15 and left around 5:30. I think it really helped that one of my good friends is now also a co-worker of mine: it calmed down my nerves quite a bit. Anyway, I spent most of today just configuring the computer so that I could finally see Prospect Insight (PI). PI is essentially Pardot‘s product, and after I finally got everything configured, I could see why it sells well and is absolutely amazing. The CEO, David, is quite a genius, if I must say so myself.

All of the developers (for both of David’s companies) are placed in one room, and it is just a really relaxed atmosphere to work in. It is also a ton of fun, and already in the first day, although I feel like I am on information-overload mode, I learned so much!

On top of all of this, my boss is absolutely amazing and wonderful! He is the coolest EVER, and I totally love him! :) Also, I met some other people in the office, including the marketing department. Everybody is just so friendly and nice, and I cannot wait to get to know them better. I even already got invited to play on the tennis team (they play on Mondays, so I didn’t go today, but I think I will start to go for that starting next week) already!! It’s really exciting!! :)

Before I can actually start coding PI, I need to get familiar with the symfony framework, which is used to code PI. Although the documentation is not so great, the creators of symfony put up a wonderful 24-part tutorial, which walks you through developing Photobucket, a web 2.0 application (click the picture to see a live demo).

Anyway, I am on Day 10 of the tutorials: I hope to be finished with them by early next week. I will also sit in on a few demos and client set-ups (which Adam, my boss, will be doing), so that I can get a better feel for the product.

Stay tuned for more soon!