Wrap Text Feature

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For this week and the last one, I have been working on a feature that will allow people that use PI to wrap text when they send emails, if they wish. After 2 weeks of getting used to the code and getting a better feel for symfony, I have finally implemented the feature! The lead developer will now put the feature into production for use! I am so excited: my first very contribution!! :) Here is a small and not-so-amazing screenshot (see right-hand corner) of the feature itself.

PI Wrap Text Feature

I even fixed another thing that seemed to be a bug. It turned out just to be a user error. So, I feel like it has been a really productive day.

Also, we had our monthly hands-on meeting today and our weekly engineering meeting. I am the only girl in the engineering department, between all of the companies and the technical work being done. Needless to say, I feel very accomplished today.

Work is a ton of fun, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of summer has in store for me. Also, Fridays are the best: free lunch for the entire office, and today was catered Tacor?a… it was soooo good! :D It’s been a good, productive day. More fun to come next week… yay! :)