Lead the Charge

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It is yet another day foooooooor… a sports update! :)

And in the news today. Well, let’s get the bad news over with. Federer got killed in the final (1,3,0) by Nadal. I guess there will always be next year: he just needs to keep on believing (and hopefully someone will take out Nadal along the way, or he will figure out a way to beat Nadal on clay in a place he is undefeated). Due credit to Nadal, I guess, but still, it was just a very sad day for such a big Federer fan. :(

In happier news:

  • Celtics are up 2-0 on the Lakers in the NBA finals! Go home team! :D It really rocks to live in/around Boston, since the sports teams are all mostly awesome. If the Bruins get their game back, we’ll be golden!
  • We won USTA again today. Currently, we are undefeated. Next week, my amazing, wonderful doubles partner will not be here, so I am trying to find a sub. If not, we will have to forfeit the women’s doubles match, but we still could win the overall thing (or get the maximum 24 points). Also, scores are available here. Pictures to come soon!

And that is today’s daily dose of sports. More to come soon… stay tuned!