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Wow! Where has the time gone? I cannot believe over half of summer has already passed. Time really does fly! Luckily, I have been able to do a lot this summer.

  • I have been working on the content for the Women@CC website. I was going to be doing the design too, but another girl is taking over that. However, I think I am still the lead website administrator. It is coming along really nicely, and I have some more things to fix up, but overall, I think it will definitely be ready to go live by the time August hits.
  • I am back in the routine of playing tennis, at least a few times a week. It really is such a great feeling to have: I completely love it too: sports are so amazing! :) Speaking of which… I’ve done an excellent job of watching all of the grand slam finals so far: it’s pretty awesome. Roll on Wimbledon! :)
  • I am planning to do a little bit of traveling within Georgia. I really want to see Stone Mountain sometime.
  • I have gotten back into touch with lots of people, especially Mailfriends people, which is really exciting.
  • I am working on moving all of my pictures off of Facebook and to somewhere that is easier to manage and that my family can view.
  • I have, once again, found out who my true friends are. This time, I am not letting them go, and I am pretty sure that I have the best ones ever!
  • I cooked my first dish today! It was aloo fry, and I have to say that I did a pretty good and efficient job of it! :D It is really quite exciting! :) There will be more to come very soon too!
  • I have figured out the type of job I like and the type of job that I do not like. Now, I know what to try out for next summer.
  • I have watched a ton of movies and found some new shows that I really love, and I get to watch them with some really awesome people too! :D

I have done all of this plus much more. I feel really good, and I have to say that I’m really going to miss this free, lounging time in the summer too. I really miss home a lot, though. I am used to spending lots of time with my family during the summers, so this is a really different experience for me. Last summer, in Barcelona, it was different, because I was busy enough and had enough experiences and was in a different time zone to not notice how much I missed them (until I had the 24+ hour journey back to home… that was when it all came out). But, this summer, it’s really different. On the other hand, I have met some wonderful people, and they are making this summer one of the best ones ever. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for me, and as always, I am really excited for it. In the meantime, though, I am going to focus on packing… because I am heading home on Friday for 2 weeks! :D Let’s hope the sun keeps shining! More to come later! :)