UI Enhancements

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Since finishing the word wrap feature, I have mostly been doing some user interface (UI) enhancements. Here are the two biggest enhancements that I have made.

  1. I taught myself JavaScript in order to do this. Basically, someone will select certain options from the “Type” drop down menu, and when they are chosen, the “use-predefined values” checkbox is checked, which triggers the fragment below it to open. I must admit… it looks pretty cool in action, and I am quite proud of the fact that I got to learn a new language AND that it is a change that got through to production right away. UI Issue #1

    • A lot of bugs that I have been working with lately have been CSS issues. Basically, the product looks great when using Firefox, but when using Internet Explorer (IE), there are certain things that do not look the way they are supposed to. As a result of this, I have been writing/learning a lot of CSS hacks for IE7. One major thing that happened was that all of the formatting on the reports were broken. Although only the email reports were assigned to me, the way I fixed it, it actually ended up fixing all of the reports. So now, they look nice and the formatting looks the same as it does in Firefox.

I am a little past mid-way in my internship, and I can definitely say that it has been quite a learning experience. I am looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks of summer have in store for me, as far as work is concerned.