Home Sweet Home

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I love being at home. :) There is a feeling of peace that continuously surrounds me while I am at home. As I lay here, I can soak in the sun and just feel so calm and relaxed. It really is such a nice feeling. This is one thing that I like about living in a small town: you can find a sense of serenity, which is something that is not always there in a bigger city.

Anyway, I have also gotten a lot of things done in the week off. On top of that, we have traveled allllll over the northeast, celebrated my sister’s Sweet 16, 4th of July, and seen lots of extended family! :D

Oh, and anybody that has not seen or heard about the Federer-Nadal Wimbledon final: I just witnessed what is probably the greatest tennis match in history! Talk about some phenomenal tennis!!!!!!! :)

I am looking forward to getting more done this coming week. I am also looking forward to playing lots of tennis myself! Keep on rolling, summertime!! :)