8 Days

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What a weekend. I am pretty sure that it was probably the roughest one that I had. Considering what a pretty fun summer it was, the first 8 days of my last semester as an undergraduate have been quite rough. My first week started out alright, I guess. It is good that my classes are keeping me on top of my reading. The best part is that I am staying on top of the reading, and that I have the time to do that this semester. However, it has created a lot more pressure short-term. Because I will be having quizzes and tests at regular intervals, though, there is less material for each one, so the load will be mostly spread out evenly. I am really excited that I will have the time to learn the material. :)

On the other side of things, I have had 2 very bad experiences, non-class-related, with this semester, so that is really not helping me feel awesome at the moment. Plus, I am really starting to feel homesick again.

Anyway, to end things on a good note, I have possible career opportunities opening up for next summer/full-time at: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Expedia, Harris Corp, and some other Fortune 500 companies. Social networking is quite amazing these days, isn’t it? :) Also, my research is going really well. I have received a PURA grant for my project, and I am hoping to present it at the CHI conference next year… in BOSTON- talk about some amazing opportunities for my career in the next year! :)

In the meantime, it is back to reading and grad school apps. :) Sweet dreams and I will try to write again soon!