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There are sometimes days when I curse chatting (charlando, in Spanish) online- it hinders productivity, it’s an easy way to get a hold of someone, and there’s usually no easy way out. But, that’s not the case today. :)

I have 7 first-cousins, all of which lived in India for their childhood years. Three of them have gotten married and two of them have moved to the US, so I have been meeting with them about once a year, which has been nice. :) I have another cousin in India, and I talk to her on the phone whenever we call India. I have another 2 cousins also in India (in school), and I keep in touch with one of them intermittently through email, and I see the other one whenever we go to India.

So, that leaves 2 of my cousins. Well, get this: I met them in 1997, and I didn’t see them until 2005 again- it was EIGHT YEARS. I definitely didn’t want that to happen again, so this time, we vowed to stay in touch. Well, it’s been 3 years, and we certainly hadn’t stayed in touch. =/ However, last weekend, my mom called them, and it turns out that they have started using email!

Today, I signed onto Yahoo! to check my email, and I have spent a good amount of time talking with my cousin that I haven’t talked to in years!!! It’s great to finally catch up- I have been meaning to do so for such a long time, but the physical barrier just made it so difficult, with time zone differences as well as cost. So, today, I am embracing chatting on the Internet. :)