Red Friday

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Do you know why “Black Friday” is called Black Friday? I didn’t know, until my dad told me this morning, and it’s really very interesting.

It turns out that stores are usually losing money throughout the year until they hit the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday). So, up until this point in the year, they are in the “red” period. However, starting on Black Friday, up until Christmas time, stores finally start to make profit on the year, and when they start making profits, they are in the “black” period. So, that’s how Black Friday gets it name.

So, we went and roamed the mall yesterday to get into the Christimas spirit, and it became very clear that, at least back here at home, Black Friday wasn’t going to be so black on this particular day. But, on a time where red seems to be the color of everything, I saw this gorgeous Blackberry Curve 8310. In addition to all of this, check out the specifications. Super-cool, right? I really want one, so as soon as I get a job and settle down, this will be near top of my list. :)