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Let me tell you… finding a job in this economy is not easy! However, it’s important to remember to not lose hope or give up… and also that it’s very difficult to land your dream job right away. But, because of that optimism that I have so often written about, I have successfully landed an offer (and accepted it) at Union Pacific. Yes, I know it’s a railroad company. But, I will be working in their very-large IT department, and I am looking forward to applying my knowledge of Computer Science from a completely different aspect. I will be working as a Project Engineer, which means that I won’t be coding most of my day. I like having a dynamic day, and I’m looking forward to working with all sorts of new technology, specifically dealing with Java Application Servers. Anyway, I am not sure how much more I can disclose, except that my start date is January 12th. Once I know more, I will post. Stay tuned!