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Wow- it has been quite a while since I’ve released a post here. I have a lot of posts as drafts, so I will publish them as soon as I have a chance- they are all waiting on some pictures.

In the meantime, work has kept me really busy. I am starting my 4th week at UP, and I still have tons of TLAs (three-letter acronyms) to learn. That’s just a minor details- let’s not talk about the 330+ applications that our 4-person team manages. Oh, and one of the coolest things: my supervisor’s boss is an AVP (who is a woman!!)- I am 2 promotions away from that. WOW! ^_^ Since I am still not sure how much I am allowed to disclose about the actual work I do, I can’t say too much more about that, except that I totally love every second of it, and I cannot wait to see what else UP has in store for me!