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It’s quite fitting that the title of this post is just that- fitting. After all of these days in Omaha, today was the first day that I really felt like I fit in here. Don’t get me wrong- I have met wonderful people and have some of the most amazing friends in the world here. I totally love the fact that 2 of my closest friends here are married and they have done so much for me. However, they are married, and there are different interests sometimes. Today, though, I felt like I finally found my groove.

First and foremost, I really got a feel for how my workday will be, once I get settled in and learn more about the 330+ applications that we (yes- our 4-person team) handle. In the midst of working on my project, I definitely got a lot of breaks to work on some other items that came up. And guess what? I totally loved it. I love to code, but staring at code 8 hours/day is really not a job that suits me. I need variety- a dynamic work day, and that is exactly what I have in this job. Around 11:20, we had a team lunch (Fridays are apparently team lunch days) at a Mexican place. During this 1-hour break, I not only finally got to know one of my team members better (he was pretty quiet with me up until then, and after that, the entire afternoon we were practically communicating freely, so that felt super-awesome), but I found out a ton of things about Omaha that I hadn’t heard up until now. I can’t wait to check out the zoo- it’s supposed to be traditional (and the best in the world), so I am really excited for more warm weather!

I spent the afternoon working on my project, so it was good to have a few hours of non-interrupted time to get all of that set. And then, around 5PM, I planned to go to a UPTies “Happy Hour” networking event. UPTies is an organization for people who are new to the company (within the last 5 years)- and the average age is pretty young, so it’s easier to chat with some of the people here. Anyway, right before I left, I ended up re-connecting with one of my friends from training, and him, another mutual friend, and myself headed to the event together. We had a blast- each spending some together, but also totally connecting with different people, as well. I also got invited to chill out with some co-workers the next time they all decide to just “chillax” on a Friday- this is usually headed up by the group of young guys that work in the next row over from me.

Anyway, in the midst of everything, I found out about tennis clubs here in Omaha, in addition to meeting some wonderful ladies and amazing guys. I also found the perfect committee for me to take part of (as part of UPTies). After all of these days in Omaha, today was the first day that I truly felt that I belonged here and that I was finally settling in. It is a really good feeling, and I am going to try to ride this wave of happiness for as long as possible. :)

Oh, and the other awesome thing: the weather was about 60 degrees today. This is also the temperature for the weekend, so some friends and I are all thinking of heading to a lake here- I am super-excited and can’t wait to go. So, yay for more fun… what a fitting end to the week!