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Today I started working on the UserAdmin application at work. Basically, this is an application that all of the app-teams can use to check on the status of servers, JDBC connections, and other statistics. This is really going to help our team (the JAS team), because it will reduce the amount of tickets that come through for our main support person. Being able to view the statistics will pinpoint any issues to either WebLogic compatability issues, deployments, JDBC, or some application-specific issues. Moreover, this is a Spring application (specifically, Spring MVC).

So, the goals for this week are:

  • revise the current version of the application so that it will build and deploy
  • renew all SSL certificates
  • review the UI and propose the changes

More to come on this soon, but I am really excited about this application- I think it will turn out to be a great tool for us, along with the LogAdmin tool that my mentor is working on (basically, a way for app-developers to view the server logs- to see what we see). Also, this is going to be the application that will be showcased at SysCon- the conference in April. So, watch out for it soon!