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One of my favorite things in life is to learn. About what? Well, anything really! I know it’s cliche, but learning really is all around you- here’s a few examples.

Working on a Middleware team, I am forced to see things not only from a developer’s perspective, but also from a manager or VP’s perspective. We have to make high-level decisions based on what developers will code & architects will design, but there also needs to be some standardization too. Imagine trying to get all of these pieces working together – it’s quite the challenge if I must say so myself! However, each day, I am learning how to shift and adjust these pieces so they all fit nicely in an ever-changing puzzle.

For the longest time in Omaha, I had just one-on-one lunches with various people. Although these lunches were fun and the people are all awesome, I recently started finally feeling part of a group of people. All of us in this group now eat lunch together every day, and each day, I take away 1 new piece of information about technology that I never knew before. It could be as simple as a new eclipse shortcut or something as complex as code involving the Linux kernel! Either way, I come away from lunch with a smile on my face and always pondering something new.

This same group of people also meets outside of work, and even in these fun get-togethers, there is learning going on. It is really interesting to see how everybody’s different college experiences present themselves as viewpoints in our conversations. It is amazing to see the differences between someone who has lived in Nebraska all their life versus someone who moved from another state to here. We are constantly surrounded by people, and we naturally tend to study them and learn about them, whether it is unconscious or conscious.

So, why all of these examples? Well, for the first 5 months that I was in Omaha, I completely forgot (or ignored) one of the things that has always contributed to my constant optimism: my love for learning. Recently, I started talking a lot to one of my (now most amazing) friends here, and in the time spent with him, I realized that he has the same love for learning that I do. This love of learning is infectious, and where I had forgotten it for quite some time, he helped me rediscover it and spread that love to me. Being able to realize again that there’s so much to learn and that it will never stop… it has given me such a renewed appreciation and outlook for my life, and I can’t say thanks enough.

For all the people that read my blog, please try to embrace learning as much as I do – I hope it’ll make a world of difference for you too. And now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go try to see what’s on my Google Reader and learn some more!