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Three years ago, the word fashion did not hold much weight for me. Today, however, fashion is an important part of who I am. Up until about halfway through college, I didn’t care too much about what I wore. After all, I was getting great-fitting free t-shirts, a few pairs of blue jeans were more than comfortable, and a simple ponytail would suffice. I was still diligent, happy, and life seemed to be going well for me. However, what I didn’t realize is that caring about fashion would take my self-confidence to a whole new level.  Once I hit this realization, the word fashion had a completely new meaning.

In Summer 2007, I spent a summer in Europe, and while there, I observed that the people of Barcelona were always happy – there never seemed to be a down or lull period EVER (even after brutal losses in futbol matches!). This also always seemed to be reflected in their clothes – bright, colorful, and they spelled excitement all over. :) Why? Well, there is always the fact that a part of Spanish culture is that people are more community and family-oriented than perhaps in the United States (not to say that some people are not like that in the US). However, I felt that the vibrant, unique, gorgeous clothing accentuated that. While I took a vacation from Barcelona to visit Italy, I noticed similar patterns and decided to check out some  of these fashion boutiques myself. I decided to start investing a little bit more in fashion, and today, more than 3 years later, I can say that it’s really become a huge part of who I am. I find myself almost always wearing bright colors (or tending towards those types of clothes), and when I wear them, I cannot help but smile, regardless of how the day is going. :)

So, people may wonder – what’s in an outfit? However, I’ve found that it really does help define who you are. So, go buy a new shirt that you feel brings out the best in you – it could make a whole world of difference!