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Sometimes, the hardest thing to do in life is take a risk. For many people, there is nothing tougher than giving up certainty of a job, house, etc. for something else that is not so set-in-stone. With this mindset, it can be easy to get into a state of complacency. This is not to be confused with being settled, in which someone is fully comfortable in their current location and continues to be satisfied and challenged in the workplace. One of the reasons that people often recommend changing jobs every few years is to not get into a state of complacency. This, in turn, can involve getting _un_comfortable and taking a risk. In an economy like today’s, this could prove to be even more difficult. However, in the long run, taking a risk could be worth it – especially if it results in a much happier all-around person.

So my advice for today: Do something that you wouldn’t normally do – take yourself out of your comfort zone and take a risk. See how you feel afterwards – hopefully it’s a satisfying feeling. :)