Little Moments

· by Sweta · Read in about 2 min · (250 Words)

It is amazing how little moments can completely define an entire day or even a week!

Today was the third day of my new job, which (currently) requires a 1.5 hour commute each direction. Naturally, after 2 previous exciting but long days, I needed a little something to kick-start my day. So, where else to turn but a Starbucks latte? Getting on the train, I had my latte in one hand with some desk decorations and my purse and one-shoulder bag in the other all while holding an umbrella. Somehow, I managed to get this all on the train.

About halfway through the train ride, I fell asleep but was awakened by a little bit of spilled latte. Struggling to not let all of my bags bother the others around me as well as trying to get a napkin to clean the slight spill and trying to not spill it some more, I was really frustrated. Luckily at that moment, the man across from me offered to hold half of my bags! He probably did not think much of it, but it turned what could have been a disastrous morning into a great one. :)

Since then, the rest of the day seemed to just fall into place and everything went my way. To that man, holding my bags was just a simple thing – but for me, it turned my entire day around! It’s amazing how the little moments in life can have such a big impact sometimes! =)