The New Rich

· by Sweta · Read in about 2 min · (228 Words)

After 15 months, I have finally finished reading The 4-Hour WorkWeek by Tim Ferriss (4HWW), and let me tell you, between that and finding 101 in 1001, I truly have been re-inspired!

4HWW is a book that is exactly about that: finding a way to work only four hours per week while still generating enough income to find time to do the things that are really passionate for you. Although this book is probably more useful to business owners/CEOs, it has a lot of good tips on how to still get to that lifestyle even if you are not in that position. One of the most useful things I took out of it is how to get more organized, minimize the amount of items I own, utilize my time at work to be the most productive that I can, and therefore, have more time for other things that I am also passionate about. Although I am not a CEO (yet), I have found this to be a good and useful read.

I have officially started my way to becoming a part of the New Rich! After all, who said that being rich had to be all about money anyway? Money doesn’t buy everything (despite what VISA commercials might say :P)… happiness is in much more than that. Thank you, Tim Ferriss, for reminding us all of that! =)